Zoning Attorney

PHILADELPHIA LAND USE & ZONING LAWYER Help Identify Project Aspects That Might Violate Zoning or Land Use Ordinances

The zoning and land development lawyers in Pennsylvania at Celli and Associates serve residents of the Philadelphia area.


When you need a real estate law firm to turn to when facing zoning and land development issues, look no further than Celli and Associates. The real estate attorneys at our firm specialize in the following types of law:

  • Commercial Real Estate Contracts
  • Easements
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Real Estate Zoning
  • Zoning Law
  • Land Development
  • Zoning Hearings

While many lawyers can help you with common real estate issues, zoning and land development require the expertise of a professional real estate specialist. With more than twenty-two years of experience in the real estate field, our firm possesses the necessary knowledge of Pennsylvania’s property laws. With a wealth of expertise, our zoning attorneys can greatly benefit our clients, whether in the public, private or government sector.


With a strong emphasis on commercial real estate contracts, people in the Philadelphia area have grown to depend on us. Our attorneys know that these types of contracts are often incredibly detailed. As a result, we understand that they require a high level of attention and understanding prior to being signed into effect.

Our attorneys will ensure that the work is done right from the onset in order to minimize the possibility of disputes in the future. Celli and Associates stresses how important it is for real estate contracts to be clearly understood by all parties. Prior to signing, we will review contract for accuracy and fairness in order to serve the best interests of our clients.


Easements are another aspect of real estate law, which we handle on a regular basis. In general, an easement is defined as the right of one to use the real property of another without possessing it. Easements can include any type or real property from walkways between two or more properties to private ponds used for fishing.

While easements may be formed between two property owners based upon word of mouth, it is preferred that an easement be put into writing. Our real estate legal team will ensure that easements are written in a just and honest manner to the benefit of both parties.


Real estate disputes are also common matters of law in both zoning and land development. Disputes may occur for any number of reasons including builder or owner negligence, lack of clarity in an oral or written contract, or disputes concerning proper land boundaries. Real estate disputes may also occur when there is failure to prove clarity of a title or deed to land or property.

If there is an existing lien on property to be sold and the seller fails to notify the buyer of the existing lien, the buyer may file a dispute against the seller for failure to disclose information. The zoning attorneys at Celli and Associates work hand in hand with our clients to settle these disputes and many more as effectively and efficiently as possible.


Turn to us zoning issues. This specialized faction of law encompasses all types of real estate zoning including proper zoning of houses, apartments, commercial buildings, and mixed-use structures

Zoning of buildings or other structures may be contested when land ownership or proper boundary lines are in dispute. Zoning laws are an area of special understanding requiring a willingness to work with municipalities and other government agencies.

We are experienced in settling issues both of a simple nature, and of a highly contentious nature. We get results through applied research, knowledge, and networking. Our firm prides itself on bringing any and all of these issues to a reasonable and fair conclusion.


In the issue of making land use and zoning decisions, you need an experienced professional. In dealing with municipalities and government agencies, it is wise to have the right representation. Celli and Associates is the firm that businesses, government, and individuals have grown to count on the Philadelphia area.