Mortgage Attorneys

PHILADELPHIA MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAWYER Bankruptcy & Mortgage Foreclosure Representation in Pennsylvania

Mortgage Attorneys from Celli Real Estate Attorneys Group are available to assist residents of the Philadelphia area.


When times are tough and you are not sure how to make your new house payments, you should contact a legal expert for assistance. In particular, you need a Mortgage Attorney from Celli and Associates. We have experience in so many areas that are often linked to mortgages including:

  • Real Estate Contract Attorney
  • Real Estate Legal Services
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Real Estate Transaction Attorney
  • Short Sale Real Estate Attorney

Our mortgage attorneys in Pennsylvania have more than 22 years of experience and we are willing to use every ounce of experience we have gained along to the way to best suit your needs. Mortgage issues can range from small to large and everything in between.

For that very reason, you need an experienced lawyer you can count on 24/7. At Celli and Associates, we have just that. We back you 100%, are there, and pledge our resources to you when dealing with any and all of your mortgage issues.


Our Pennsylvania mortgage attorneys have a near perfect record of accomplishment dealing with mortgage issues. We have invested many hours assisting borrowers with a whole host of mortgage situations. For instance, if you are going to purchase a house, it is important to negotiate the lowest interest possible on payments. This negotiation is done threw a lending institution and you should make sure all the documents they are asking you to sign are on the up and up before you place your John Hancock on the bottom line.


Are you at risk for losing your home because your mortgage payments have become a financial burden you can no longer handle? Contact Celli and Associates today before a home foreclosure process begins. Maybe you have recently gone through a divorce and you are responsible for paying for your house but you are now doing it on one paycheck instead of two. We can work with you to see if we can negotiate your mortgage payments down in an effort to make your payments more affordable and in turn, alleviate an eventual foreclosure.


If you cannot make ends meet and it is impossible for you to make good on your mortgage payment deadlines, then a mortgage modification could be one possible solution to your problems. A mortgage modification would decrease the amount that you have to pay each month and make it easier to pay your mortgage payments on time. It may seem impossible that a bank would be willing to change the terms of your mortgage agreement, but many times, it is in their financial best interest to do so.

The Mortgage Modification process can be tricky at times and the entire process would be made a lot easier if you have someone who is thoroughly experienced in this field on your team. You need to pick up the phone today and call a Philadelphia and Delaware Valley Attorney from Celli and Associates to become your legal expert.