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LANDLORD:TENANT ATTORNEYS IN PHILADELPHIA Help in Philadelphia for Landlord Rights & Tenant Eviction Cases

You signed a lease agreement and it seemed picture perfect until you received your first bill. The bill came in and is a great deal higher than you remember it stated in your lease. Do not panic, because we are here to help you.


Contact Celli and Associates so our team of legal experts can act on your behalf and find the underlying cause of the outrageous bill you received.

Our Pennsylvania Landlord Tenant Lawyers will guide you throughout your resolution process which may include discussing your issue with your landlord or defending your position within a in the court of law. Some of areas of our legal specialties include:

  • Lawyers dealing with Tenant Issues
  • Housing Attorneys
  • Real Estate Contract Attorneys
  • Landlord Attorneys
  • Community Legal Services

We possess years of experience as it relates to landlord and tenant lease agreement issues. Our team of experts will be by your side every step of the way. We are experts in communication and we want you to know exactly what is happening and why it is happening.


If you are a tenant or are renting property, you understand the frustrations of dealing with a landlord or landowner who does not always meet you eye to eye on important issues. Do not allow yourself to be a nameless client of an impersonal law firm. Instead, hire a law firm that cares about your interests as much as you do. If you are in the Philadelphia or anywhere in the Delaware Valley, consider our legal team for your real estate dispute.

Get the results you want by calling the Pennsylvania Landlord Tenant Lawyers at Celli and Associates. There is no need to be intimidated by your landlord, or to put up with the legal frustrations of being a lessee. Perhaps you are in a legal bind because of property damages or problems with payments. Maybe you need representation in a court of law. Perhaps you are simply seeking the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a successful professional overseeing your legal matters. Whatever your goal, Celli and Associates can help you achieve it.


There are many laws that landlords need to follow when creating a tenant lease agreement. These laws are covered by the Landlord-Tenant Laws. These laws cover both commercial and residential lease agreements and are similar for both instances. Most of the laws that need to be followed are referred to as common laws and state laws.

The only time a federal law plays a role in tenant-landlord relationships is when a serious legal infraction occurs. This does not happen often and federal laws almost always supersede the landlord-tenant law. No matter the severity of the issue, you need to have a lawyer on your side that is familiar with your case. Contact Celli and Associates for expert guidance in all landlord-tenant situations.


All landlords must include a section where the landlord agrees that the residential or commercial space in which he or she is renting will belong to the tenant for the said amount of time. The Landlord must also meet all housing codes to ensure that his or her tenant is living in a safe environment.


Our Pennsylvania landlord-tenant lawyers represent landlords as well as tenants. An example of a landlord issue that an attorney could assist you in is in the case of evictions. If your tenant claims that their rental space is unlivable but you feel as if it meets all housing codes, then you end up in a court of law.

Sometimes tenants try to get out of their contract and they will do anything to accomplish this even if that means actually damaging their own rented space. We, at Celli and Associates, have a long history of helping landlords beat bad raps from their tenants. Landlords and tenants both require assistance upon an occasion of a landlord/tenant lawyer. If you are in the Philadelphia or Delaware Valley area, we can assist with all your legal needs.