Landlord Lawyer

PHILADELPHIA LANDLORD-TENANT LAWYERS Attorneys Handling Evictions for Landlords for Non-Payment of Rent

In the modern world, land ownership can be both lucrative and a liability. As a landlord, you surely know this for yourself. If you are here, you have realized the value of adequate legal counsel – but are you sure you have found it?

Do not let yourself be fooled: Not every Pennsylvania landlord lawyer is the same. If you take your business and reputation seriously, make sure you have a lawyer that feels the same way. Celli and Associates is the professional team you have been looking for.

The Pennsylvania Landlord Lawyers at Celli and Associates specialize in the following areas:

  • Real estate legal services
  • Real estate legal issues
  • Landlord attorney
  • Tenant lawyer
  • Real estate disputes


As a landlord or landowner, it is crucial to have not only sufficient but outstanding legal representation. You may be responsible not only for the protection of your own capital but also for the safety of the property of your tenants or lessees. For the best Pennsylvania lawyer for landlords, call us from the start.

Whether you need representation in court, or simply want advice in handling real estate issues, you want Celli and Associates on your side for real estate matters. Our lawyers are ready to aid you in your real estate ventures.