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People often purchase land, in particular, commercial property without first consulting a land use attorney. This can result in many pitfalls and here at Celli and Associates we do not want you to have to fall into any traps.


We are ready to offer you legal expertise in any of the following areas:

  • Easements
  • Real Estate Zoning
  • Zoning Laws
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • History working with Top Real Estate Lawyers

There are many different municipality laws that are in affect when you buy a plot of land. Most often, legal disputes arise when zoning on a particular plot of land is in question. Municipalities frequently zone a real estate parcels residential, when they very reasonably could be considered commercial. The land use attorneys at Celli and Associates are well aware of municipal laws affecting your plans. We can assist you with all of your zoning variance needs.


You will be happy to know that we have a wide range of clientele. Although we continue to represent many big name clients, we are proud to protect the interests of small businesses and individual property owners. We have been in the business for 22 years and, throughout every single one of those years, we have always fought primarily for our clients’ best interests.

When you are facing a Land Use issue, or are interested in buying a commercial real estate parcel, contact Celli and Associates. Our land use attorneys in Pennsylvania can provide assistance in all legal stages of your real estate transactions.


The word Easement seems to say that with a slight change, some situation could be easier. Easements are easier when you employ an expert legal advisor from the office of Celli and Associates. Our lawyers walk our clients through the Easements process in an effort to reach a positive outcome in the end. Many times, clients have received a verbal easement from another individual or business, but we encourage them to have their Easement on paper for their own legal protection.


Zoning laws have been in affect one way or another since the beginning of time. Zoning laws can refer to a number of things from how high your building can be, to what type of use is allowed on your land. Zoning Laws can be difficult to circumvent when people’s opinions of land use differs.

You need land use attorney that you can trust to assist you in your Zoning Law needs. Contact the lawyers from our office at Celli and Associates today because we have the experience necessary to handle all of your Zoning Law issues. Our resource base is vast, so there is a strong likelihood we can come up with a plan for your zoning variance needs.